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The responses within this FAQ were current as of their posting.  We will attempt to keep them as up-to-date as possible.  SCYIHA will be following the directives and recommendations provided by those governing our association including the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, Penn State University, and USA Hockey.  Due to the rapidly changing directives and measures to mitigate the spread of COVID-19 as enacted by those governing bodies, we will remain fluid with our responses.  The answers within this FAQ are subject to change at any time.

Q: What policies has SCYIHA adopted regarding COVID-19 protections:
A: SCYIHA will be following the requirements of Pegula, rinks our teams visit, and other governing bodies. Any additional policies that become necessary will be enacted by SCYIHA.  
Q: Are players required to wear face masks?
A: Per anticipated Pegula policy a face mask will be required for players while off the ice only.  Players will not be required to wear a mask while on-ice.      
Q: Are coaches required to wear face masks?
A: Per anticipated Pegula policy a face mask will be required for coaches the entire time they are within the facility.    
Q: What procedures are there for player safety when entering/exiting the facility?
A:  Pegula will implement reopening in phases, look for an announcement from the rink regarding phases. Per anticipated Pegula policy, during the initial phase players will be instructed to wait outside in their vehicles until 15 minutes before their scheduled session.  Players are encouraged to be on time and be prepared to enter the facility completely dressed in full hockey gear.  Players will use hand sanitizer before checking in at a welcome desk. The welcome desk host will provide them with their assigned changing area. Players are to walk DIRECTLY to their area. No socializing, loitering or wandering will be permitted. Once players are in their area, they should begin putting on their skates and are to wait in their assigned area until they hear a buzzer. Once the buzzer sounds, players can remove their face mask and line up, 6+ feet apart from others, and will be escorted into the rink. When the session is over, players will hear another buzzer and will exit off the ice and back to their personal changing area, keeping social distance. Players will have 15 minutes to get their skates off and leave the facility.    
Q: Can parents/guardians enter the rink with their players?
A: Per anticipated Pegula policy during the initial phase of opening, no parents, fans, friends, or spectators will be permitted in the rink, with the exception of children 12 and under or those who need special assistance, in which case ONE parent may accompany. That parent must also practice social distancing from others (but not from their child) and wear a face mask.  
Q: What can my player take to the ice with them?
A: Per anticipated Pegula policy, players must leave any and all items in their changing area that cannot be worn on their body the entire time they are on the ice (including skate guards, but excluding water bottles).  No items should be kept on the boards. 

Q: How will locker room use policy create a safer environment?A: Per anticipated Pegula policy, locker rooms will not be used during initial phases of reopening. As deemed appropriate, future phases may permit locker room use on a limited basis which accommodates social distancing.

Q: What will the covid safety and mask policy be at other rinks?A: We cannot project what other rinks will require, but we believe procedures will be similar elsewhere.

Q: Are masks going to be mandated by PAHL? 
A: PAHL, like USA Hockey and MidAm, is leaving it to each rink and association to implement their own procedures.
Q: Can families get a full refund if Pegula does not reopen or will we lose 10% of our fee? 
A: Please see the SCYIHA season cancellation and refund policy on the website.  If the season does not start (Pegula does not reopen) a full refund will be provided (including registration fee).  If Pegula is open for tryouts, but closes prior to the start of the season, a full refund will be provided (minus registration fee).  Once the season starts, refunds will be based on the season cancellation policy.  Players withdrawing after the commitment date will not receive a refund of the commitment fee (first payment) if the season is not cancelled.