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Pegula Parking Information

Rink Address

Pegula Ice Arena Address:
250 University Dr
University Park, PA 16802



As a reminder, parking enforcement does occur in the lots around Pegula 24/7/365.  New this year, the lot behind the Indoor Tennis Facility is now enforced 24/7 (the old Orange F which is now known as Silver J).  For parking at any of the lots around the facility, you have two general options: pay per use (Pegula South lot only), or purchase an applicable pass. 

Daytime passes for Yellow H and Silver J are restricted to approved staff.  After 4PM, any Penn State pass can be used in either lot.  The best parking pass option for individuals who don't otherwise have a campus parking pass is an evening/weekend pass available for $6 per month.  An evening pass will allow parking in the lots surrounding Pegula on weekdays from 4:00PM to 7:30AM and all day Saturday and Sunday.  Please see here for more information:

The second option is to pay per use ("on demand") in the South Pegula lot (Yellow H South) using the kiosk in the lot or using the newly adopted ParkMobile App.  Be aware that the reclassification of the lot behind Indoor Tennis to Silver J appears to have eliminated that lot as a on-demand option.  Below are some additional details from Transportation Services regarding ParkMobile:

Penn State Transportation Services announced September 2nd that on-demand zone parking via ParkMobile is now available at select parking areas at the University Park campus.

Campus visitors can utilize touchless payment through the ParkMobile app to pay for hourly parking at the following campus parking areas:

-       Commuter lots Jordan East, Stadium West, Porter North (near Bryce Jordan Center, Beaver Stadium and Medlar Field)

-       OPP Visitor Lot (next to Office of Physical Plant)

-       Yellow H South (near Pegula Ice Arena)

-       Orange A (near Katz Building)

-       Orange B (near Softball Park)

-       Orange H (near Energy and the Environment Lab)

-       Eisenhower Visitor Lot (between Eisenhower Deck and Eisenhower Auditorium)

-       Orange U (near USB I and II)

-       Brown 11 (near White Course Apartments)

-       OCR (near Technology Support Building)

Visitors with a valid Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) parking placard or license plate may also use ParkMobile to pay for parking at additional parking areas during evening and weekend hours. From 5 p.m. through 7 a.m. weekdays and all day on Saturdays and Sundays, ADA visitor parking is available through ParkMobile at the following locations:

-       Brown A

-       Brown C

-       Eisenhower Deck

-       Green B surface lot

-       Green N (section near Stuckeman Building)

-       Red V

-       Silver B

-       Yellow E

Each available parking area has an associated ParkMobile zone number (posted on entrance signage for general areas and at available ADA parking spaces), which is selected within the ParkMobile app to pay for parking for that location. Hours of availability, maximum time allowed, and the ability to renew parking varies by location, but full details for each location are viewable within the ParkMobile app.

Transportation Services announced in March that ParkMobile had been selected as the official mobile parking provider at University Park. ParkMobile is the most widely used mobile parking solution in the country, with more than 19 million people using the app over 60 million times per year across more than 400 cities, including the Borough of State College. For events hosted at the Bryce Jordan Center and select events hosted at other campus venues, attendees will also be able to use ParkMobile to reserve parking in advance.

Visit ParkMobile's™ Penn State site ( to download the app or learn more.